About the Bunny Rabbit...

Sunrise Cabins are in the Choestoe Village area of North Georgia, a region formed by the boundaries of the upper Hiawassee River in South Towns County, across to and through Brasstown Bald, following the Arkaqua Creek, through Blood Mountain and across the Blue Ridge Divide to the headwaters of the Chattahoochee River and back to the Upper Hiawassee River. This area also includes the headwaters of the Nottely River.

Choestoe is a Cherokee place name given to the area by its original inhabitants, the peaceful and civilized Cherokee Indians who welcomed the white settlers to their land in the Appalachian foothills. When the Cherokee were forcefully removed from their eastern homelands in 1838, an infamous epic that came to be known as the "Trail of Tears", their place names remained as a legacy for these proud and cultured people.

According to some sources, choestoe is probably from the Cherokee word "Tsistu-yi" (meaning "land of the dancing rabbits" or "the rabbit place"). This is the name of the southernmost district in present day Union County.


When you come to Sunrise Cabins, you'll probably need to stop by Sunrise Grocery to check in and get the keys from owner Jason Clemmons. Jason is the second generation of Clemmons to own Sunrise Grocery, and according to an article published in the Union Sentinel, "is a fair example of family pride and loves his little store".

Although, calling Sunrise Grocery a "little store" is quite an understatement! But you can find out more about this marvelous local institution by going to the SUNRISE GROCERY website! Let's get back to Sunrise Cabins...

The Clemmons family has been hosting visitors to the North Georgia mountains since 1984 when they purchased Sunrise Grocery, and subsequently, built the cabins. They will be able to share local history with you — from stories of the time when this land was home to the Cherokee Indians to tales of card-playing Appalachian moonshiners! They can tell you how to find some of the beautiful local waterfalls, what's blooming in the mountains during each season, and where the fishing is good!

You'll find a warm welcome from these mountain folks, and a pleasant surprise at the level of love and care they have taken with Sunrise Cabins. You'll be able to walk right in, set your suitcase down, and feel right at home!

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